Why, When, How, &Amp; Who Should Repipe My Home?

     Time is money when you have a water leak in your plumbing system especially when it's on the hot side of your water system, it can add up fast. Even worst if its where you can't see it; like, right under your feet underneath your house. Water damage due to leaks were the 2nd most common home insurance claim in 2017 next to natural disasters according to State Farm Insurance's 2017 Claims Report. We see it all the time, we get calls normally after a customer gets their utility bill or all of a sudden their running out of hot water. The worst is when someone goes away or goes to sleep and finds a huge mess from a busted pipe.

     So lets go over the Why, When, How, & Who should repipe your home.

     The Why? I think we gave some good reasons why; but, another couple reasons would be water quality and fixture preservation. Old pipes, especially galvanized pipes have so much rust built up inside of them it causes damage to fixtures by allowing debris into the water you're possibly drinking. So the age of the pipe and fittings, the quality of your water, and the potential for leaks are all good reasons why you should repipe your home.

     The When? The lifespan of metal water pipes run from 30-50 years depending on water quality. So if you have a house built before 1980 your system is out of date, if you haven't thought seriously about repiping now is the time.

The How? The how is a little harder to explain due to the complexities of each house’s layout and connections to each fixture and component. But the real question is with what, what product should you replace your old system with. Now that's a little easier and simpler to answer, you want to install the most modern and up to date tubing or piping and fittings out on the market. One's that have been trusted and proven by industry experts. As of writing this PEX tubing and fittings are the standard, we carry and use the best system out there(Rehau), its expanding and contracting system is pretty much bulletproof. Out of the dozen plus repipes we've done this year, all of them are 100% leak proof and two of them have drastically improved their water quality with whole house filters.

The Who? That's a no brainer, Modern Plumbing Company is the one to call. Number one reviewed and 100% qualified, we have the tools, knowledge, and resources to get it done. You may say that we are a little biased and in a way you may be right but we have seen the effects of poor workmanship and subpar material and it always costs the customer more money in the long run. Whether it was due to lack or planning, not knowing a qualified company, or trying to save a cent to spend a dollar we have seen people spend thousands of dollars to do it twice. With that said we've given you enough worries and concerns and would love to help in any way. Watch for leaks, do your homework, and keep your family safe. Remember you can always text, call, or email us with any questions or to set up a free in home estimate and evaluation of your system(comes with a free water pressure test).

Francis F./MPC