Septic Tank & Leach Field Design, Repair, & Installation

     "Septic drain fields, also called leach fields or leach drains are used to remove contaminants and impurities from the liquid that emerges from the septic tank. A septic tank, the septic drain field, and the associated piping compose a complete septic system. The septic drain field is effective for disposal of organic materials readily catabolized by a microbial ecosystem."  Wikipedia

     It is important for you to keep and maintain a well designed and functioning septic system. You may find that the in some instances that's easier said than done. Roots, collapsed pipes, grease, and other factors may come into play where you find yourself with a tub full of waste water while scratching your head asking yourself what to do.

     First off Call Us to schedule a free estimate and second we will contact your authorized authority to locate existing plot plans which will help us with the planning process. It may be just a blocked sewer lone before the septic which is $140 to clean out with a sewer snake through an existing cleanout.

Note- A common issue in the tank and drain to the tank is the "Septic Sanitary Tee" located in the tank and connected to the entrance and exit of the septic tank. Cost- $450.00 plus parts.

     If the pipe is not blocked we locate the septic lids and check and test the septic tank levels and drainage to the distribution box. This is another common issue that can be easily fixed and repaired by either replacing or cleaning out the distribution line.

     Now the next step will determine if the system is going to be able to be repaired or has to be replaced, and that is testing the D Box it's self. Here is where the system starts to leach into the soil. Follow this link to see a failing leach field test in action. 

      No fears. Modern Plumbing is here to help and in most cases able to save a system instead of replacing the whole system. Take a look at our new adjustable track mini excavator to replace and repair sewer and leach field pipes.