Water Regulator? I Know,,, What Is A Regulator? Let Me Tell You, It Can Save You Some Money.

       What is wrong with High Water Pressure?
High water pressure, which is generally considered anything above 60 lbs., has some advantage, such as in firefighting systems or a car wash. However, in the home plumbing system, it can be damaging because water, with a strong "push" behind it, can erode or wear away many materials and cause leaking water heaters, banging water pipes, dripping faucets, dishwasher and clothes washer noise and breakdown, and leaking water pipes. Therefore, water flowing at a rate in excess of that necessary to satisfy normal fixture or appliance demands becomes damaging, wasteful and reduces the life expectancy of equipment in the system.
I know you want to play fireman and
have your shower like your local car wash; but, resist. A car wash is alot cheaper than a water leak.