New Tankless Water Heater Is Now More Affordable

         In the past our customers have been turned off by the price of tankless water heaters no matter how many facts we put in front of them in regards to how over time it pays for itself. Noritz(tankless water heater manufacture) has changed the game with the new EZTR40. Finally a direct tankless replacement for a 40 and sometimes 50 gallon tank that can be installed in about the same amount of time as a tank type water heater cutting the cost of installation in half. The timing could not be better with the upcoming NAECA regulations changing and eliminating some storage type water heaters.

       These units allow us to use the existing venting, water, and 1/2' gas line of a typical storage type heater as is with little adjustments to the plumbing. We are real exited to introduce these units to our customers. Follow this link to see this unit for yourself, call (530) 921-9092 for a free estimate, or purchase directly on our UpFront page under UpFront Tankless Retrofit Water Heater.