About Us

We’re More Than Just a Plumbing Company

We are professionals you can trust for all your plumbing needs. We are in the health and safety business — our mission is to continue to improve our community’s way of living, and that includes how we treat our waste, how we deliver clean drinking water to our bodies and land, and how we stay safe when using dangerous gases. 

We are a full-service company, with work ranging from water heater services to full sewer replacements. But we didn't get our name for just being a service company. We have our hands in some of the most high-tech plumbing systems and components available.

We Are the Right Choice

From design to install, our goal is to be the best at what we do, and we have a proven reputation in our field. You can find review after review with honest, positive stories of our service and professionalism.

We never hide our prices or intentions when helping you with your plumbing projects. You never have to worry that the person you've allowed in your home is trying to take you for a ride. Our primary goal is to install the very best products with the best quality installation, surpassing expectations.

We are also your neighbors and family. We both live and work in this community. We are a Christian company, leaning on Jesus' words: "Do to others what you would have them do to you."

Our Reviews See Why Our Clients Love Us

    Frank was very prompt, professional, reliable and friendly. The service was great and we found the whole experience positive. Would highly recommend Modern Plumbing!

    Barbara B.

    Ask for Frank. He is honest, hard working, reliable and does a great job. If you need small jobs from plumbing to deck repairs, he can handle them for you. I feel very fortunate to have found him.

    Dawny M.

    Excellent company. Dakota did a great job! Very professional! Installed a tankless hot water system and we are very happy with it. We will use them again for sure!

    Penny B.

    Brian and Pat were on time and hard-working at unclogging our sewer pipes. They worked diligently for over an hour. They were very professional, polite, and knowledgeable. My family couldn't be more thankful for their service to our home. I will not hesitate in the future if I need to call plumbing services again, these are the guys this is the place. Thank you Modern Plumbing.

    John H.

    Modern plumbing has earned my business from here on out. They were the only ones in all of Redding to actually care about my situation and they accommodated me as soon as humanly possible and really cared about my situation they sent Francis out immediately and he repaired the problem in no time at all and did it to perfection. Can’t say enough good about these guys. I wouldn't waste your time going to anyone else. Modern plumbing for the best of the north state in my opinion in punctuality, quality, and honesty!

    Evan G.

    I have used Modern Plumbing Company for my own residential needs, have used them for my mom's residential needs, and clients of mine through Real Estate, and they have always completed the jobs on time and in a professional manner. Every member of the Modern Plumbing Team has been professional and on-time with their service. I highly recommend them if you ever have a plumbing need arise, big or small.

    Larry D.

    Great company and their employees are very courteous as well. They were very fast and efficient. Highly recommend their company for all plumbing needs, big or small.

    Lori D.

    Very prompt, professional and polite. Brian was in and out allowing me to get back to work quickly. Very much appreciated!

    Howard H.

    They responded very quickly and were quite friendly. They helped identify the problem and offered a variety of reasonably priced solutions. I will definitely call them again in the future.

    Peter A.

Our History

When Francis was 18(1998) he started working for a remodel company in the San Joaquin Valley rejuvenating half a dozen cabins in the hills of Porterville, Ca., this led to a long career in the construction industry. They turned those cabins into works of art and Francis was able to work on everything from foundation and concrete work to setting fancy plumbing and light fixtures. He enjoyed his time up there on the hill. At 19 the work on the hill dried up and he was forced to look for other work. He landed a job with a local plumbing company, where he was thrown to the wolves to sink or swim. He had to run a plumbing truck on his own with very little experience but an attitude of “I got this”. And that’s how it went, he got it done while those who couldn’t, didn’t. Customers loved him and would ask for him specifically to help with their plumbing jobs. 

At this time he was just starting his family with Andrea and they had two small children and one on the way. During this time Francis put his head down and chugged along. As time passed, him and Andrea realized that the area was shifting away from where they saw themselves raising a family and starting praying. God soon opened the door for them to move and they made up their minds and packed their bags for a new start.

In 2005 they moved to Redding, Ca had their fourth child; a daughter(Arianna), and Francis started with a local plumbing company helping build new homes all over Shasta County. This was a good fit cause he loved to see how a piece of land could start from nothing and become someone's home. And again he was well received by the community and respected by his peers and superiors. During 2005 and 2008 he plumbed alot of homes and if you were to ask him; he would say he plumbed 50% of the new homes going up during 05 and 08, but that may be exaggerating a little. The housing market was booming, lots of homes were being built and Francis was again over performing and was now running crews and running them well.

During these years Francis went through plumbing trade school and learned the plumbing code book inside and out. He was able to apply the things he learned in school to the work he loved. He was chosen to do a local build off in 2007 and won 1st place spot for plumbers. He also started studying for his contractors license.

Dropping home prices and bad loans caught up to everyone in 2008 and the once thriving plumbing company Francis worked for slowly faded to only a couple guys and a disconnected boss. “Two things happened” Francis says, “new construction came to a halt and my boss stopped investing time into the company.”. This led to Francis having to look for another job or opportunity, during a time many people were doing the same.

With a wife and four kids to take care of, sitting around or changing professions was not an option. He prayed with Andrea and felt that they could start their own business, with the skills Francis had and with Andreas' help they got started. In 2009 Francis received his contractors license(#943532) and began the hard work of creating a good name in an area he was not raised in. “We had $60 to our name after all our bills were paid,” Francis says “and we used that money to buy ink for the printer and paper for the ink, so we could make flyers for our new business.” This night after printing these flyers him, Andrea, Frankie Jr(10 years old), Ezzy(9 years old), Angel(8years old), and baby Yanna(3 years old) went out into neighborhoods near local friends homes and passed out flyers door by door and prayed in the car as they drove home.

Now they hoped the community would take over. The very next day they received their first call and the customer ended up being a landlord of many properties. These jobs ranged from simple faucet repairs to full tankless upgrades.Soon he was overwhelmed with work and hired his first apprentice. For a good while he worked with just him, a helper, and family; “Everyone in my family has plumbed in some way, Frank Jr has been helping since we started the business.” Francis explains. From there they were on the go getting and finishing jobs. Andrea was busy helping with all the necessary and cumbersome paperwork needed to run a successful and profitable business. 

As the guys continued to grow and learn to train newbies they got their hands in to commercial work. This was similar to building a home but you know, 100 x larger. They have plumbed a huge amount of commercial sites including many in town. They still stay busy in town with all it’s many plumbing problems while running crews on larger sites.

The family was known to the community through church activity and community service. Francis and his family are heavily invested in helping those who need a hand up. Francis explains how he helped give a young man a chance who needed one. “We took a chance on a friend's friend who needed a job. G(Gordon) was recently at the Good News Rescue Mission and was doing good by the leadership there. At first I just didn’t know; he seemed alright but I just didn’t know him, so I kept him around. As time passed I saw that God had a hold of him and he would work the hardest jobs with a smile on his face.”. Gordon progressed fast to lead man and he and Francis worked well together for a couple years. Gordon has since opened his own plumbing company(Glynn’s Plumbing) and is doing well. Modern Plumbing is glad to have been part of this story and continues to be involved in their community.

They now have the perfect crew to plumb whole buildings, replace water heaters, install or repair septic systems, repipe your home, but still have someone available to clean out your drains or repair a water leak in your yard. The Flores family and Modern Plumbing have been glad to serve this community and others. They have the skill, knowhow, and ability to help with every plumbing problem. You can trust this company and put your faith in the fact that you will be taken care of at an honest price. God Bless.

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