Why, When, How, & Who should Repipe my Home?

     Time is money, and when you have a water leak on your hot water side of your water system it can add up fast. Especially if its where you can't see it right under your feet. Water damage due to leaks were the 2nd most common home insurance claims in 2017 next to natural disasters according to State Farm Insurance's 2017 Claims Report. We see it all the time, we get calls normally after a customer gets the utility bill or all of a sudden their running out of  hot water. The worst is when someone goes away or goes to sleep and finds a huge mess.

     So lets go over the Why, When, How, & Who should repipe your home.

     Why? I think we gave some good reasons why; but, another couple reasons would be water quality and fixture preservation. Old pipes, especially galvanized pipes have so much rust build up it damages fixtures and allow debris into the water you're possibly drinking.

     When? The lifespan of metal water pipes run from 30-50 years depending on water quality.

to be continued.....

cealing leak


      Our TEXT A QUOTE is revolutionary and brings getting a plumbing quote at the touch of your finger tips. Just text us your info. (name, address, phone #, and email) along with a description of your plumbing problem and as many detailed picture as you can and we'll send you a quote via email. Remember the more detailed you are the more detailed we can be.

     Since we decided to actually answer the phones ourselves and get rid of the call center it's been a challenge to answer simple questions and give estimates over the phone while finishing jobs we are working on at the moment. But technology has caught up and now we can do this via text and still get our work done for the day.

     Do remember though if you have an emergency call, text, leave a voicemail, and email if you have to and we'll get to you ASAP. Again pictures are really helpful to know what is needed for the project. But please remember DO NOT TEXT & DRIVE. 

 DO text, DON'T text & drive.

DO text, DON'T text & drive.

Septic Tank & Leach Field Design, Repair, & Installation

     "Septic drain fields, also called leach fields or leach drains are used to remove contaminants and impurities from the liquid that emerges from the septic tank. A septic tank, the septic drain field, and the associated piping compose a complete septic system. The septic drain field is effective for disposal of organic materials readily catabolized by a microbial ecosystem."  Wikipedia

     It is important for you to keep and maintain a well designed and functioning septic system. You may find that the in some instances that's easier said than done. Roots, collapsed pipes, grease, and other factors may come into play where you find yourself with a tub full of waste water while scratching your head asking yourself what to do.

     First off Call Us to schedule a free estimate and second we will contact your authorized authority to locate existing plot plans which will help us with the planning process. It may be just a blocked sewer lone before the septic which is $140 to clean out with a sewer snake through an existing cleanout.

Note- A common issue in the tank and drain to the tank is the "Septic Sanitary Tee" located in the tank and connected to the entrance and exit of the septic tank. Cost- $450.00 plus parts.

     If the pipe is not blocked we locate the septic lids and check and test the septic tank levels and drainage to the distribution box. This is another common issue that can be easily fixed and repaired by either replacing or cleaning out the distribution line.

     Now the next step will determine if the system is going to be able to be repaired or has to be replaced, and that is testing the D Box it's self. Here is where the system starts to leach into the soil. Follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG-Y5hK9Ytg to see a failing leach field test in action. 

      No fears. Modern Plumbing is here to help and in most cases able to save a system instead of replacing the whole system. Take a look at our new adjustable track mini excavator to replace and repair sewer and leach field pipes.

Water Regulator? I know,,, what is a regulator? Let me tell you, it can save you some money.

       What is wrong with High Water Pressure?
High water pressure, which is generally considered anything above 60 lbs., has some advantage, such as in firefighting systems or a car wash. However, in the home plumbing system, it can be damaging because water, with a strong "push" behind it, can erode or wear away many materials and cause leaking water heaters, banging water pipes, dripping faucets, dishwasher and clothes washer noise and breakdown, and leaking water pipes. Therefore, water flowing at a rate in excess of that necessary to satisfy normal fixture or appliance demands becomes damaging, wasteful and reduces the life expectancy of equipment in the system.
       I know you want to play fireman and
have your shower like your local car wash; but, resist. A car wash is alot cheaper than a water leak.

regulator detail.gif

       As a policy Modern Plumbing Company performs a pressure test on our customer’s water system any time we touch the system to insure proper working order and to limit damage to the water system and its components due to high water pressure. If your system tests above 80 psi it is above the recommended and required limit by state and local code UPC 608.2 EXCESSIVE WATER PRESSURE. See our UpFront page to find our UpFront Water Pressure Test to test your pressure and secure your place among the sane and safe.

Written by Frank F./MPC


New Tankless water heater is now more affordable

         In the past our customers have been turned off by the price of tankless water heaters no matter how many facts we put in front of them in regards to how over time it pays for itself. Noritz(tankless water heater manufacture) has changed the game with the new EZTR40. Finally a direct tankless replacement for a 40 and sometimes 50 gallon tank that can be installed in about the same amount of time as a tank type water heater cutting the cost of installation in half. The timing could not be better with the upcoming NAECA regulations changing and eliminating some storage type water heaters.

       These units allow us to use the existing venting, water, and 1/2' gas line of a typical storage type heater as is with little adjustments to the plumbing. We are real exited to introduce these units to our customers. Follow this link http://www.noritz.com/products/eztr40/ to see this unit for yourself, call (530) 921-9092 for a free estimate, or purchase directly on our UpFront page under UpFront Tankless Retrofit Water Heater.